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Resources For You

Many of you may be practicing social distancing and find yourself spending more time at home and with your families. We have put together a list of resources you may find helpful.

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A Message From Robert Blakely

Please see a video message from Robert Blakely on behalf of the team at Blakely Financial, Inc. We appreciate your trust and confidence. Know that we are here for you.

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Invest Like A Woman

As women, we have financial needs that are unique to our situation in life. Perhaps you would like to purchase your first home.

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Finding Perspective Amid Coronavirus Concerns

We recently saw one of the worst weeks in history for the stock market, followed by the best single-day rally for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in anticipation of a rate cut fro

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March Newsletter

The Blakely Financial Newsletters are packed with valuable information. Check it out here!

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Money Lessons for Women Millennials

Being a woman who is in her 20s, I personally have been introduced to the realities of adulthood and I am sure you can relate if you are around that 20-30 year old mark.

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How Should Investors React to the Coronavirus?

It is now clear that the coronavirus has escaped the attempted containment by Chinese authorities and has spread around the world.

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February Newsletter

The Blakely Financial Newsletters are packed with valuable information. Check it out here!

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Social Security Scam Phone Calls Are On The Rise

Over the past several weeks, I have received quite a few calls on my cell phone warning me about activity in my Social Security account.

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Tax and Financial Organization

It is that time of year again. A time of year when you would rather be doing something, anything other than filing your taxes.

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