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Our Priority Is You

We pride ourselves on offering objective advice and providing extraordinary, personalized service.
Our first priority is you. We are committed to understanding your personal situation to provide you with financial clarity, insight, and guidance to make informed decisions. Explore how Blakely Financial can work with you to achieve your financial goals.

Our Resources

Market Timing: More Risk than Reward

The idea of properly timing investments for a quick return is not a strategy we believe in and is not something we ever recommend for clients.

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Preventing Fraud: Common Scams & How to Avoid Them

In an attempt to curb fraud, we have compiled some common scams, as well as tactics to avoid them.

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401k Contributions Blakely Financial

401K Contributions: What you need to know

The IRS recently announced an increase in the maximum amount you can contribute to your employer-sponsored retirement plan in 2023. 

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Blakely Financial Market Update Image (4)

October Market Update 2022

Join Steve LaFrance, CFP® with Blakely Financial as he updates you on the markets in October 2022. 

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Financial Horror Stories

Financial Horror Stories

Making mistakes when it comes to your finances is perfectly normal, however, when it comes to these horror stories, the impact can be significant, and frankly, quite scary.

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Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Adjustment

Social Security Update: Cost of Living Adjustment

If you receive Social Security benefits, you can expect them to be boosted by 8.7% in 2023. This cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) was announced by the Social Security Administratio

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Your Guide to Asset Protection in Estate Planning

Various tools exist to keep your property safe from tax collectors, accident victims, health-care providers, credit card issuers, business creditors, and creditors of others.

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July to September 3-Minute Market Update 2022

Join Steve LaFrance, CFP® with Blakely Financial as he updates you on the last 3 months in 3 minutes. ...

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Life Insurance What is it and why you need it

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

If you're like most people, it's not that you don't appreciate the value of life insurance. In fact, many people believe they need more coverage. You probably wouldn't mind owning

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Understanding Your 401(k) - Key Terms to Know

Understanding Your 401(k) – Key Terms to Know

Planning for retirement is a key point of financial wellness- but how can you make the most of your 401(k) plan without understanding all of the vocabulary?

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