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Marketing Team

Bubbly Creative

The Blakely Financial marketing team consists of Cara Chatellier (Founder & Creative Director) and Isabel Tomasi (Digital Marketing Manager) from the  Bubbly Creative Marketing Agency. 

Cara and Isabel are responsible for social media management, the monthly newsletter, blog creation, web maintenance, and overall creative direction.  Their goal is to create compelling content for both current and future Blakely Financial clients. 

Bubbly Creative is located in Salem, MA, and offers digital and content marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Cara Chatellier and Isabel Tomasi, and the services they offer, are not affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network ®.

Credentialed Professionals

Blakely Financial team members are committed to providing clarity, insight and guidance for our clients through financial planning. A commitment to ongoing improvement and continued education is paramount to doing so. Our team has obtained the following certifications:

Robert BlakelyEmily PromiseSteve LaFrance
Robert Blakely
Emily PromiseSteve LaFranceYesenia Davila
Robert BlakelySteve LaFranceEmily Promise
AAMS™Donna Blakely
Stephanie LanierYesenia Davila
Steve LaFrance
Robert Blakely
Steve LaFranceDonna Blakely
Emily PromiseNoah Johnson
Robert Blakely
Emily Promise
Emily Promise

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