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Monstrous Money Mistakes

It may be the season of spooky haunts and horrors, but don’t let these monstrous money mistakes lead you to the financial graveyard!

Investment Zombies

Don’t neglect your investment strategies. Just like zombies mindlessly wander, not actively managing investments can lead to missed opportunities or poor performance, even for high earners. Revisit and reevaluate your investment portfolio periodically to be sure you are diversifying your investments and maximizing your returns. Talking to your financial advisor can help you avoid an investment zombie apocalypse.

Estate Planning Ghouls

Failing to create a comprehensive estate plan can haunt families after a high-earning individual passes away. This mistake can lead to unnecessary taxes, legal battles, and confusion over asset distribution. Meet with your financial professional to discuss the best estate planning options for you and your loved ones. Review your plan annually and make adjustments to reflect any life changes that may occur.

Lifestyle Vampire

This monstrous money mistake involves succumbing to lifestyle inflation. High earners might start spending excessively as their income rises, without properly considering the long-term impact on savings and investments. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with your spending.  It is crucial to find a balance between your desired lifestyle and your long-term financial goals and well-being to really enjoy life to the fullest. 

Debt Demons

Credit card ghouls, student loan specters, and mortgage monstrosities. Oh my! These debt demons come in many forms and can feel like never-ending financial nightmares if not managed properly. Be sure to explore interest rates and different repayment options to pay down your debt, and even consider refinancing your loans or mortgage to make payments more manageable. Utilizing a budget can help you do this more easily. Exorcize these debt demons and keep control of your financial future!

Budget Banshee

You’ll hear the eerie wails of the budget banshees if you neglect proper budgeting. The shrieks serve as haunting reminders of overspending, impulse purchases, debt, disorganized finances, and unexpected expenses. Create a budget unique to your financial situation by tracking your income and expenses and establishing your financial goals. Explore where you may be able to save and remain disciplined when it comes to your spending. Don’t forget to factor an emergency fund into your budgeting to cushion the impact of any unexpected financial shock! Evaluate your financial health routinely and adjust your budget accordingly to banish the budget banshees. 

If you need help battling these monstrous money mistakes, contact Blakely Financial today. 


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