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Giving Tuesday: The Power of Charitable Giving

One of the greatest parts of the holiday season is giving. Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement, takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday began in 2012 as a simple idea: a day dedicated to encouraging people to do good. Since then it has grown into a movement meant to unleash the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world at large. It demonstrates the power of philanthropy and collective action, inspiring hundreds of millions of people a year to give, collaborate, and overall celebrate generosity. 

How to Get Involved

Everyone can participate in Giving Tuesday and there are various ways to contribute. The first step to getting involved is choosing a cause that resonates with you and your values. Research the organization of your choice to ensure your contributions go somewhere reputable. After choosing your cause, there are many ways to give. Monetary donations are a common method, but you may also consider donating your time, skills, or other goods when appropriate. You can also participate in local fundraisers, community drives, or events.

Charitable giving is not limited to individuals – it can be embraced by businesses and organizations as well. Ask your employer about a matching program for employee donations, a team volunteer day, donating a portion of sales, or even donating products. Engaging in those activities will boost your organization’s corporate social responsibility while creating a significant positive impact on your community. 

The Impact of Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is vital in addressing various societal issues such as poverty, hunger, education, health, and environmental conservation. There are a number of nonprofits and charitable organizations that do essential work for these causes, making tangible differences in the lives of those who need it most. Many of these organizations rely on the support of donors and volunteers to serve their respective communities. Donated dollars, goods, and time, contribute to providing meals to those who need them, educational opportunities to underserved communities, preserving natural habitats, and much more making the impact of philanthropy undeniable. 

The Joy of Giving and Its Rewards

One of the most amazing aspects of giving is that it does not only benefit the recipients – it benefits the givers, too! Giving to others can be personally rewarding, leading to increased happiness and reduced stress. While you’re making the world a better place you’re also enhancing your overall wellbeing. In order to qualify for tax deductions, donations must be made to qualified organizations from the IRS guidelines.

In addition to emotional benefits, philanthropic giving also offers tax benefits including deductions, exemptions, and estate planning benefits. By working with your financial advisor, you can maximize these benefits while aligning your philanthropic goals and financial objectives.

Giving Beyond Giving Tuesday

Giving can be a year-round endeavor! While Giving Tuesday is a great way to get started, it is not the only opportunity to give. Talk to your financial advisor about building charitable giving into your long-term financial plan. Determine a fixed amount or a percentage of your income or assets you would like to allocate to philanthropy. Explore various philanthropic vehicles to maximize the impact of your donations. As a high earner, you have the unique opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the world through philanthropy. Start building your philanthropic legacy today!

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