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Financial Wellness Month – Time to Review, Learn & Plan

Financial Wellness Month – Time to Review, Learn & Plan

Financial wellness month is the perfect time to take a look at your savings plans and learn new ways to be financially independent. Even if you are satisfied with your current level of financial knowledge, there is always more to learn! Take some time this month to look into a certain aspect of financial wellness you are curious about or think you could improve upon. Here are some of our top tips to help you on your path to financial freedom! 

Improve Your Knowledge

If you have been curious about certain aspects of financial wellness, there are hundreds of great books out there that can answer all your questions. Freakonomics takes a sociological approach to financial thinking and examines the ways in which you can apply economic rationale to your everyday life. Though this book does not provide specific tips for saving and spending, it may change the way you think about wealth and the economy overall. Think and Grow Rich is perhaps the single most popular piece of motivational literature there is. This book examines the most successful people of all time in an attempt to answer the question “what makes a winner?”. Though the title “Think and Grow Rich” may imply that it is all about money, the book instead focuses on the self-confidence required to be successful, and how it can be learned and taught. 

In addition to reading books, there are also a myriad of online resources that can assist you in your research. The Blakely Financial blogs and newsletters contain tips on personal finance and investments to help you increase your financial savvy. Simply reading an article or two a day can increase your financial knowledge throughout the course of the month! 

Small Changes Add Up

Small changes can make a big impact on your finances! If attaining your goals feels like an impossible task, start small. Over time, your smart habits will become routine, and your ambitions will no longer feel out of reach. This can be done by limiting your takeout meals, canceling unused subscriptions, or even just buying generic brand items at the grocery store. These types of changes may feel overly frugal, but they can quickly add up to significant savings you can use on more important purchases and adventures later. 

Emergency Fund

One of the most important, but easily forgotten, aspects of a sound financial plan is an emergency fund. This money should be easily accessible, and significant enough to protect you from unexpected crises. Medical emergencies, car problems, and home repairs can severely affect your budget. Having cash set aside for such events will not only prepare you for the worst but decrease your stress level as you will be confident in your ability to handle anything life throws your way. 

Work with a Financial Advisor

Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself this financial wellness month is to seek the advice of a professional. A trained financial advisor can build you a custom plan to guide you to your long-term financial goals. Please feel free to contact our team at Blakely Financial today to help get you started.

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