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Traits of a Millionaire Woman

Traits of Millionaire Women

Presented by  Emily Promise

How does a millionaire woman look? Well, millionaires – women and men – come in all shapes and sizes. 

First, we will look at the profile of a millionaire woman. Here are some basic facts:

  • 2/3rds of millionaire women come from a dual-income household
  • 2/3rds have children
  • Only 5% of millionaire women are business owners

Millionaire women and women, in general, all share the following traits: 

  1. Express increased concern, and exhibit more stress, regarding preparing for their financial future versus men
  2. Are more concerned about the future versus the present
  3. Love having a financial plan – women are natural planners

All millionaire women have a plan. Women, in general, love the idea of a financial plan – it serves as a road map to reach their goals, whatever those may be.

Women take on myriad roles in life and, to coordinate everything, planning is a vital component! (Think about trekking the kids around to all their extra activities without a schedule or forethought!)

When it comes to finances, it takes diligent savings to amaze the wealth that women have. As they say, money does not grow on trees.

One final trait that all millionaire women share is that they want their concerns addressed. Whether it’s the financial concern of having enough money, or the personal, such as how will I care for my aging parents, women want someone to go to as a trusted advisor to provide clarity, insight, and guidance to elevate their concerns.


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