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Blakely Financial Investment Committee Updates

2022 Investment Committee Updates

As 2022 comes to a close, it is helpful to look back on the changes we have made to keep up with the market to help you continue on the path toward your financial goals. We hope this information gives you more insight into our investing philosophies and strategies, so you can be confident in your choice to work with Blakely Financial. 

What has the Investment Committee been doing to keep up with the volatile market?

Here at Blakely Financial, we base our decisions on the long-term future of your investments combined with your overall goals. Though it can be difficult to navigate a bear market, rational thinking and patience are the best ways to ensure the success of your investments over time. There were a number of changes this year but none of them would be considered radical adjustments or departures from our long-term investment objectives; the overall allocations of stocks to bonds remains largely the same and we don’t recommend any changes in that area. It’s very possible that the drawdown in the first half – and the ongoing choppiness today – is the market pricing in this economic weakness. By the time a recession arrives, if it ever does, the market may have already moved on.

How does the Investment Committee stay up-to-date on market trends?

We constantly monitor the economy, the markets, and your portfolios to assess how our chosen investments are performing, and decide if changes are necessary or prudent. These efforts constitute a significant part of our everyday work. We keep a close eye on even the slightest changes in trends so that you don’t have to! Though we do not use market timing as a strategy, we use all of the information we gather on a daily basis to inform any portfolio adjustments. 

What are some examples of portfolio adjustments? 

We recently executed a number of trades in early August, here is a high-level summary of those changes:

  • Decreased international developed exposure
  • Increased U.S. exposure in Large-Cap Growth and Value
  • Increased U.S. exposure in Mid-Cap Value
  • Marginally increased duration positioning
  • Adjusted credit exposure
  • Systematic Multi-Strategy fund replaced some fixed income.
  • Proportionately reduced all fixed-income funds; using alternative and multi-strategy funds as complement/substitute for fixed income.


Though nobody can predict for certain what 2023 has in store for us, here at Blakely Financial we are confident in the future of your investments, and the decisions we have made in the past year. 


Engage with the entire Blakely Financial team at WWW.BLAKELYFINANCIAL.COM  to see what other financial tips we can provide towards your financial well-being.

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