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Quiz: Are You and Your Partner Financially Compatible?

Are you and your partner in financial harmony? Establishing a financially secure future together is an invaluable act of love. Taking the time to sit down with your partner and explore your financial perspectives can strengthen your bond. Discuss and align your financial goals to ensure you’re both navigating in the same direction. Celebrate love not just with romantic gestures, but with the commitment to make wise financial decisions together. Here’s to a love-filled day underscored by the promise of a secure financial future!

In terms of your financial communication, do you and your partner:

  1. Regularly discuss financial matters
  2. Occasionally talk about finances
  3. Rarely discuss money matters

It’s never too late to start discussing your finances! Building a life together with your partner involves frequent financial choices. Get in the habit of discussing financial matters early on to build a financial future full of both of your needs, wants, and wishes. 

How do you envision your ideal retirement together?

  1. Traveling and enjoying your leisure
  2. Living a frugal and comfortable life
  3. We haven’t discussed our retirement plans.

Having a conversation with your partner about retirement will help you develop a retirement plan to meet both your goals. Speak with your financial advisor about each of your retirement goals and carefully evaluate your current financial health to properly craft a financial plan to ensure a happy retirement.

In the event of a financial windfall, what would you and your partner prioritize?

  1. Saving and investing
  2. Paying off debts
  3. Splurging on a shared experience

Life is full of uncertainties, but there is a way to prepare for them financially. Consider risk management to protect your wealth during unexpected circumstances. Have you considered diversifying your investment portfolio? Do you have an emergency fund? Sit down with your financial advisor to create a risk management strategy to ensure you are prepared in the event of a financial windfall. 

How do you and your partner handle budgeting?

  1. We create a joint budget together
  2. Each manages their own finances
  3. We don’t have a specific budgeting strategy

Whether you and your partner have a financial plan together or separately, it is important to maintain a budget to ensure a healthy financial future. If you are struggling to create a budget, talk to your financial advisor. Together, you can come up with a plan fit to your unique financial situation and goals. 

Chocolate and flowers may steal the spotlight this Valentine’s Day, but remember financial planning is an act of love and the heart of your family’s future! Setting the groundwork for a stable future through financial planning is a powerful way to show your loved ones just how much you care about their well-being. Contact the Blakely Financial team today to get started. 

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