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Financial Planning

The Blakely Financial team is committed to understanding your personal situation and goals important to you. We do this with a comprehensive discovery process, basing our recommendations on you and your specific needs. Over time, we will continue to monitor and advise as life happens and re-evaluate strategies and adjust to your new goals. Our recommendations are the same for you as they would be for our own family members given the same circumstances and we do this with passion and discipline as we strive to protect your long-term interests.

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Rest assured that as you head into retirement or if you are already retired, Blakely Financial is with you every step of the way to focus on what’s most important to you. Our team prioritizes your personal goals to build the most comprehensive plan that will help take the worry out of the planning process. We will work with you to manage your estate, prepare your finances to support the people your care about most and strengthen your financial legacy.

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Investment Management

No matter what stage of life you are in, our team will develop a comprehensive, objective plan tailored to your specific goals. We avoid chasing market trends or attempting to time the market with forecasts on political factors, preventing risky decisions on your wealth management.

Your Blakely Financial team will:

  • Create portfolio guidelines that are transparent and cover a wide range of goals
  • Maintain discipline and avoid emotional decision making
  • Focus on risk management and a consistent decision-making process
  • Monitor portfolios and rebalance to keep risks in line

Blakely Financial will create a diversified portfolio that reflects your personal objectives and risk level.

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Risk Management and Insurance

Insurance offers peace of mind and security for yourself, your family, and your future. Our team will provide a comprehensive plan that may include life and long-term care insurance options specific to your overall needs to protect your financial legacy and those people that are most important to you.

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Who We Serve

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Entrepreneurs + Business Owners

Our purpose is to help business owners and entrepreneurs transform their positions into a personal balance sheet that gives them the lifestyle they want. We believe that wealth management is most meaningful when it aligns with one’s values and is used to care for family and loved ones and to help make a positive impact in our client’s lives.

Our planning process helps provide financial clarity, insight and guidance to help entrepreneurs:

Create a plan for their complex wealth

Enjoy their lifestyle without fear

Prepare their loved ones to steward wealth

Create a personal legacy

Worrying about your future takes more energy than planning for it. Blakely Financial would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our team can help you achieve clarity in a complex world.

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Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Families + Individuals

We know that families and individuals seeking financial independence have a unique set of needs and are looking for an appropriate balance between various financial goals.

Our team can provide financial clarity, insight and guidance related to questions such as:

Am I on track to reach my goals in retirement, travel, career changes, college, second home, gifting, etc.?

Do I have the right strategy for the wealth I have accumulated?

Can my plan handle changing circumstances?

What do I do to maximize my company benefits such as 401(k) plan, restricted stock options, or deferred compensation?

What can I do to minimize the impact of taxes?

Are my assets protected?

Have I planned appropriately to take care of my family?

At Blakely Financial, we want to be your first call when life happens, to provide you with the financial guidance you need. Let us take the worry out of planning for your future.

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Women + Wealth

Oftentimes, the balance of family, work and finances can be daunting to manage on your own. We consider your entire financial picture, from where you are now to where you want to be, both personally and professionally. Our team is committed to understanding your personal situation and goals and to providing you with financial clarity, insight and guidance.

You are unique: We take the time to get to know you so we understand the personal goals you would like to achieve.

You want to be treated with respect: We give you the information you need to feel in control of your wealth plan without talking down to you.

You may face tough transitions: Through all life changes, we are there for you, come what may to help you stay in control of your finances and your wealth plan.

You have a life to lead: We provide the level of service you need and the proactive communications you want.

Achieving financial balance and independence and feeling empowered to live your best life – that is what Blakely Financial strives to do while providing financial clarity, insight and guidance.

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Business woman on laptop

Near-Retirement + Retirees

Blakely Financial understands the unique needs and challenges faced by investors who are retired or about to retire. It is important to structure your income in retirement with the goal to minimize taxes while optimizing income and growth potentials.

Through comprehensive planning, we can help you prioritize your goals and develop a strategy that seeks to invest and manage your retirement assets.

Whether you are in the accumulation phase or have already retired, our comprehensive strategy is critical to helping provide you financial clarity, insight and guidance and to:

Pursue retirement income needs, desires and expenses

Maintain lifestyle choices and priorities

Ensure that long-term aspirations are on track for travel, healthcare, estate planning, charitable giving and other goals

Worrying about your future takes more energy than planning for it. Blakely Financial welcomes the opportunity to discuss how our team can provide financial clarity, insight and guidance.

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Endowments + Foundations

Our team at Blakely Financial understands the unique needs of endowments and foundations. Endowments and foundations exist in perpetuity and must address the challenge of finding the correct balance of risk and rewards in the management of their assets to support their ability to fulfill their mission for generations into the future.

Invest in a diversified mix of asset classes: Limit investments in high cost, less-liquid alternative strategies and implement sustainable investment strategies.

Analyze the portfolio’s current performance: Analyze for fees, determine asset allocation, implement investment model, draft Investment Policy Statement IPS.

Ongoing plan management: Develop, manage, monitor, adjust and rebalance risk-based investment models while monitoring investments daily.

Ensure the foundation account has distinguishable risk/return characteristics and review quarterly performance.

For nonprofits, endowments, and foundations, Blakely Financial provides the trusted advise and professional guidance needed to maximize your group’s financial resources. Whether managing your endowment fund or developing investment policy statements, the Blakely Financial team provides the knowledgeable experience to serve your group’s best interests every step of the way.

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Children and Nonprofit Gardening

Credentialed Professionals

Blakely Financial team members are committed to providing clarity, insight and guidance for our clients through financial planning. A commitment to ongoing improvement and continued education is paramount to doing so. Our team has obtained the following certifications:

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Robert BlakelySteve LaFranceEmily Promise
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